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Contrastream gives indie music a boost

Contrastream, a new social music site, employs a similar voting system to Digg to determine the hottest new indie songs.

Contrastream is a new social music Web site, in the same vein as Fairtilizer. Contrastream allows you to vote on new indie music with a system that is very similar to Digg.

There are a few different ways to view music in Contrastream. The first and default view is called "Fresh Albums." This contains new albums that are very active on the site. "Top Hype" contains the albums that are getting the most votes and activity on the site. "Upcoming" and "New Releases" are self explanatory.

One feature of Contrastream that I really like is that if there is a YouTube music video or performance for a particular song, it is embedded in that song's page. The YouTube video is accompanied by information on where you can buy the album as well as a link to that band's Web site.

Contrastream places an emphasis on keeping the site filled with true indie music. As a result, it has introduced a feature called "Flag as Sell-out." If you think that a band on the site has screwed their fans out of money or has gone too mainstream, then you can flag them as sellouts. If a band/album gets enough of these votes, then they will be taken off of the site. Contrastream's about page details its philosophy, "With a group opinion, those artists won't receive the promotion when other artists deserve it."

Contrastream goes live to the public on September 3, according to TechCrunch, but you can put your e-mail in now and hope for an invite if you just can't wait.