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Continuity Error: Code of Honor

How much do you binge-watch? We discuss our binge and spoiler policy and our favorite JJ Abrams tropes. (Hint: It's not lens flare.)


Where a millennial and a Gen X-er talk what's big in pop culture this week with some (OK, a lot of) tangents, a little bit of trivia, and a lot of knowledge between us.

On this episode we cover the new "Game of Thrones" trailer; Harrison Ford and the second coming of Indy; our pick for young Han Solo (swoon); JJ Abrams' favorite things to put in his shows and movies (obligatory Greg Grunberg reference included).

We also discuss our spoilers policy which is important if you hate fun and have a need to remain unsullied for any future properties. This week's spoiler tags include everything up through season 5 of "GoT" and minor ones for "The Force Awakens." You have been warned.

Code of Honor (s1e3)

P.S.: That chart above is the awesome one we were referencing about comic book movies and their returns. Oh, and here's your earworm for the weekend.