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'Batman v Superman' will affect 'Civil War' but not how you think

Will the critically panned DC film hurt Marvel's latest? We discuss why it might be the opposite, plus new comic book movie trailers and the worst actors ever (sort of).

According to Vox and their analysis of Metacritic data, we can now definitively say Rob Schneider is the worst actor in Hollywood. No, seriously!

Call Me Irresponsible (s1e7)

"Captain America: Civil War" is here for some lucky few and the reviews are pretty dang good. Plus, "Doctor Strange" and "Suicide Squad" are messing with our brains.

What else, you ask? Well, Batfleck's def getting his own movie; Spidey's film got an official name (good job Internets), our now-weekly dash of "Kingsman 2" news, plus that young Han Solo gig might have been filled?