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Content control not child's play

The Children's Internet Summit produces the most heated debate over online content since the Communcations Decency Act was rejected six months ago.

roundup The Children's Internet Summit has produced the most heated debate over online material since the Supreme Court rejected the federal Communcations Decency Act six months ago. Internet companies and PC makers are offering initiatives that they say will help parents protect young Netizens from exposure to adult material and online predators. At the other extreme are conservative groups and legislators who insist that such measures are inadequate and that the summit is little more than a public relations event.

Net summit a must for industry
news analysis High technology's involvement in the Children's Internet Summit is "voluntary"--like a groom's participation in a shotgun wedding.

U.S. plans more Net child safety
Attorney General Janet Reno and legislators promise more government involvement in protecting children from Net dangers.

Companies offer decency shields
The Children's Internet Summit opens with a slew of companies announcing remedies to protect children from adult-oriented material online.

Net summit raises safety issues
As the debate continues at the Children's Internet Summit, questions abound regarding how to best keep children safe online.

Gore adds Net safety measures
The vice president announces a family Net guide and an emergency hot line where parents can report suspicious or illegal Net activity.

Opposite extremes clash at summit
The three-day summit pits two diametrically opposed groups against each other in a battle over Internet content control.

W3C updates parental Net control
The World Wide Web Consortium releases technical enhancements of a protocol designed to help control what children see on the Net.