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Consumer gadgets rule at CeBit

roundup IT trade show in Germany features latest in high-tech gear, including Microsoft's new handheld design. Photos: Gadgets galore

CeBit 2006

The massive IT trade show in Germany makes room for the latest in high-tech gear, including Microsoft's new handheld design.

Tech fair visitors slide for fifth year in row

CeBIT organizers blamed wintery weather for a 6 percent drop in the number of people attending the week-long fair, now in its 20th year. March 15, 2006

Screening the options at CeBit

photos HD displays at the tech show come in all sizes. Plus: New designs on portable technology. March 13, 2006

SAP spruces up its supply chain software

With version 5.0, the software maker takes aim at small-scale operations and puts a premium on flexibility. March 13, 2006

IBM shows Cell blade in action

A demo of the Cell blade server uses visualization software to display real-time, 3D video footage of a beating heart. March 10, 2006

Gold-plated USB stick sparkles

What do you give someone who's got everything? How about a 1GB diamond-encrusted memory stick? March 10, 2006

Nvidia revs up game notebooks

Notebooks with Nvidia's technology can now handle two graphics chips, and desktops up to four. March 10, 2006

Try on clothes without undressing

blog Technology scans your measurements and lets you see on a projection screen how a piece will look. March 10, 2006

Manufacturers unwrap first ultramobile PCs

At CeBit, Samsung, Asus and Founder deliver minitablets, though early models seem to have poor battery life. March 9, 2006

Reality check for the much-hyped Origami PC

Microsoft's vision of a cheap, pocket-size minitablet remains an elusive goal. Will buyers wait for the next generation? March 9, 2006

Samsung prepares move into cheap phones

Company is the last of the top five handset vendors to enter the volume segment of the handset market. March 9, 2006

LG announces support for HD DVD

Company is the second high-profile Blu-ray supporter after Hewlett-Packard to change position in the format battle. March 8, 2006

BenQ to sell phones equipped with Google software

Cell phones with preinstalled Google software will allow searches for local information. March 8, 2006

EU executive urges quick decision on mobile TV

Europe cannot wait until 2012, when sufficient radio spectrum will become available, commissioner says. March 8, 2006

Toshiba unveils laptop with high-def DVD

Laptop is first high-definition computer with an HD DVD optical drive for the new generation of DVDs. March 7, 2006

Samsung unveils 8GB hard-drive phone

Company is hoping the device, which can hold more songs than an iPod Nano, will take off with music fans. March 7, 2006

Gadgets on parade at CeBit

Technology industry gathers in Germany to launch the very latest products, unveil corporate strategies and debate the future of tech. March 6, 2006