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Consider the options with this Stove Top Fryer

The Stainless Steel 6-Quart Stove Top Fryer is versatile enough to be used for many cooking applications.

Salad-friendly deep fryer? Bed Bath & Beyond

Sometimes, the handiest gadget to have is one that doesn't even plug into the wall. While a dedicated fry station may be nice for some households, I just don't deep-fry enough to justify owning a deep fryer. Oh sure, they look cool and the ease-of-use is astounding (not to mention the inclusion of a very useful lid), but ultimately one is left with a unitasker. I'm guessing it would be hard to find alternate uses for a machine purely dedicated to the frying of foods. While that may be the case with (oh-so-tempting) deep fryers, it would not be an issue with this Stainless Steel 6-Quart Stove Top Fryer.

Simple in design, yet powerful in execution, the stovetop fryer is an 8-inch diameter vessel with an encapsulated base for even heating. The versatility inherent in this fryer is evident when one considers other usages. The 6-quart capacity is ample room for many stovetop applications. From soup to spaghetti, there are plenty of opportunities to put this to use. I'd like to see a dedicated deep fryer just try to make spaghetti. (Actually, no, I'll pass.)

For those that insist on using kitchen gear in the way that it was intended, this deep fryer would make an excellent option. The stainless steel fryer basket is deep, allowing for your deep fried goodies to circulate while cooking. The basket design facilitates the draining of fat and the handle folds up for easy storage. Of course, if you want to get maximum value out of this product it might be wise to use that basket as a colander, and wash off some lettuce for a healthy side salad. Now that's one thing no other deep fryer would touch.