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Connect as you commute with Three free Wi-Fi on the tube

Three customers can call and text friends even when they're down in the tube station at midnight with free Wi-Fi on London Underground.


Three customers no longer have to mind the gap between Three and other networks on the London Underground. As part of a wider push by phone networks to offer Wi-Fi to customers, Three is the latest to offer free wireless access on the tube -- and with the InTouch service you can make and receive calls and texts too.

Three customers can surf the Web, check email and use social networks at more than 137 London Underground stations by the end of July. You don't need to pay extra for the service.

Three's inTouch app is a bit like Skype, in that you can make calls over Wi-Fi. All Three customers can use the app, whether on a phone contract, on SIM-only and on pay-as-you-go. It's free and is expected to launch in early August.

"Today's announcement will be welcomed by Three customers which are becoming increasingly savvy in the use of data services," says industry analyst Kester Mann of CCS Insight. "Three is building a brand around data and its all-you-can-eat tariffs are driving strong usage."

EE and O2 also have similar apps, EE Wi-Fi Calling and O2 TuGo.

Wi-Fi was installed in tube stations by Virgin Media ahead of the London Olympics in 2012. At first it was offered for free by Virgin, but after that each network had to strike a deal with the company to allow their customers to connect as they commute.

Three joins Vodafone, EE and O2 as the networks offering access to Virgin's Wi-Fi network on the London Underground network. Wireless Internet access is available on platforms, corridors and ticket halls, although you will lose signal once you've stepped onto a train.

Seven new stations will be brought online by Virgin Media next week, including Edgware Road and Ealing Broadway.