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Congress takes on Y2K

Taking on the Y2K issue at full force, the Senate backs a bill that limits lawsuits and debates the threat the bug poses to emergency services.

The Senate seems to be taking on the Year 2000 technology problem at full force this week, backing a controversial bill that will protect companies that are disclosing information about fixing the bug, as well as debating the threat the millennium glitch poses to emergency services.

House passes Y2K liability bill
update The House joins the Senate in allowing companies to share information about solving Y2K, meaning it should soon become law.

Can emergencies handle Y2K?
Senators are expected to call for a system that would dispatch warnings if failures in the nation's emergency services occur.

Conflict over Y2K lawsuit limits
update As a Senate-approved Y2K bill moves to the House for a vote, some in the legal sector are voicing concerns that it's too friendly to big business.

Senate backs Y2K lawsuit limits
Legislation that would limit lawsuits against corporations dealing with Y2K problems is passed by the Senate.