Congress releases Hurd, Dunn testimony

blog Former chairman brings up name of Bob Wayman, HP's financial chief and also a board member.

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The congressional committee looking into the methods Hewlett-Packard used to investigate unauthorized press leaks on Wednesday released the written statements of HP CEO Mark Hurd and former chairman Patricia Dunn.

The release comes a day ahead of a hearing on the matter, in which both Dunn and Hurd are testifying before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. State and federal regulators have also launched probes of the matter, which included the unauthorized access or "pretexting" of phone records for more than a dozen people.

Dunn focused the early part of her testimony on the problems posed by leaks from the boardroom. Her testimony also brings into the picture for the first time HP's chief financial officer, Bob Wayman, who is also a director and was, for a time, the company's interim chief executive.

In February or March 2005, Dunn says she asked for Wayman's advice on dealing with leaks. Dunn said Wayman pointed her to Kevin Huska, who she said was "introduced as having responsibility for Global Security at HP." Huska's name came up in HP's press conference on Friday, though the company has declined to say what his role with the company is or was.

In his statement to Congress, Hurd promises to get to the bottom of things.

"I pledge that I will dig harder and deeper and I will get to the bottom of this," he said, echoing a pledge he made at a press conference on Friday.

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