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Confirmed: Apple event on September 12

Confirmed: Apple event on September 12

Core 2 Duo iMacs? New Nano? Feature films in iTunes? Apple hardware for the living room? We'll know one week from today. Until then, enjoy the rumors and speculation.

Steve Jobs is set to take the stage for a press event next Tuesday, September 12. Though that date marks the opening of Apple's Expo in Paris, Jobs will pontificate closer to home--from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. AppleInsider posted a good roundup yesterday, leading with the rumor that at least one Hollywood studio will make its movies available for download via iTunes for $9.99 a pop. With no rumors of a touch-screen, wide-screen video iPod circulating, the thinking is that you'll watch the films you download from the comfort of your living room with a new Airport Express that will be able to smoothly stream video. Either that or you'll go out and grab the rumored 23-inch iMac, which may be able to do HD. The iMac is also expected to lead the transition to Intel's new mobile Core 2 Duo chips. We anticipate MacBooks and the Mac Mini to follow suit, sooner rather than later.

Last and certainly least (in size), the iPod Nano is expected to hold more songs and less scratches.