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Condoms for your phone

While cameras have their waterproof cases, no-one has really tried to make the mobile water-resilient until now. Behold the phone franger!

Wink wink, nudge nudge. It's a condom, right? (We just thought we should get it out of the way first.)

This Skin makes your mobile both waterproof and -- according to the manufacturers -- blood proof (!), which is handy for meat workers or murderers, we suppose.

The Skins are very elastic and can stretch up to seven times their size, which can accommodate the "larger" models.

To "suit up" your mobile you roll it on from the bottom and then tie it at the top. The end of our condom broke when we tried tying it so we were unable to wrap it around the other end again for true waterproofness. We were able use the phone as usual with it on, though -- touch screen and all.

We can imagine it would be most useful at the beach, or at an outdoor festival, where you can still make and receive calls while it's in the Skin.

Director Veronica Reid of Twoplus, the New Zealand distributor of Skins, told us that though they look like condoms she hadn't heard of anyone trying to use them as one, and that it would be "very uncomfortable" because they come without lubrication.

Reid added that she is looking for a distributor in Australia, but that the expected price would be AU$4 for a pack of three.