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Conde Nast continues Web acquisitions

Magazine giant's Web arm buys just a week after spending $25 million for Wired News.

On the heels of its $25 million purchase last week of Wired News, publishing giant Conde Nast on Thursday announced yet another acquisition by its Web arm.

CondeNet said it has purchased, a health and nutrition information site with about 600,000 monthly unique visitors. The site will now join a roster of other CondeNet food and health sites as the company attempts to reach out to female readers.

Meanwhile, Conde Nast's Wired News purchase, which reunited with Wired Magazine after an eight-year split, seems aimed at a predominantly male audience.

But as CondeNet attempts to expand its roster of pure Internet sites--many of the company's Web properties are little more than Web front ends for Conde Nast's roster of magazines like The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Self and others--it must also convince critics who have seen it try to do the same thing in the past.

For example, the company used to have a site,, which was a standalone property that gave users a wide range of health information. That site was eventually folded into Self magazine's site, though its health-related calculation tools were preserved.