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Conceptual iPhone App Management Idea

One user face with the fact that the iPhone lacks even the simplest way to manage apps on the go decides to take the problem into his own hands and fix it.

I've personally acquired via evaluation license, downloaded or purchased a total of 182 apps. As a result, two annoying consequences have emerged: first, not all of the apps will fit on the iPhone at once and second, the apps are next to impossible to manage on my iPhone.

The first problem is due to an artificial limit that Apple has imposed on the number of apps that the iPhone home screen can handle: 144.

The second problem stems from the fact that applications' icons, after being carefully arranged by the user, will go to the end of the "line" or pop up elsewhere after an update or other activity. If you have more than several pages of app,s you will find that managing these app icons is tedious at best.

One intrepid iPhone user has come up with a conceptual method of taking the pain out of app management by using iTunes to control how the desktop screens look on your iPhone. The video demo of this conceptual iPhone app management idea is embedded below:

The thought of dragging and dropping all my iPhone apps between multiple screens is great. However, the iPhone is meant to be self-contained and portable, so I'd settle for a simple basic sort or some method of categorizing my apps on the fly without the aid of iTunes.

Like cut and paste, simple app management is a mysterious iPhone feature omission. Apple needs to at least bring a simple alphabetical sort or some means of categorizing apps to the platform.