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ConceptShare goes v2.0 and partners with Corel

ConceptShare gets its second versioning, along with a five-year partnership with Corel.

Design collaboration service ConceptShare, which turns one years old next month, has launched the second version of its service today, along with an all new branded version for CorelDRAW users called CorelDRAWConceptShare.

We originally checked out its core service back in late November, and with today's release, the company has focused specifically on UI improvements to help its users get work done with "less clicks" than before. The new version also gives users more vertical workspace, to suit the needs of design users with vertical display configurations who previously had to make due with the mostly landscape-centric design of the app.

Besides the UI and back-end changes, the big news is the partnership with Corel, which is slated to last for the next five years. While the first product out of the gate is for CorelDRAW, Corel also makes several other (well-rated) desktop apps for painting, Web design, office apps, and photo editing. It also bodes well for future endeavors with other desktop design apps and services, which the company has listed as one of its goals for next year. Considering what some other Web services have done with their platform initiatives (e.g. Facebook,, and Meebo), it isn't too far fetched to imagine ConceptShare building a platform of its own.

Leave notes and assign changes reports to several people at once with the newly updated ConceptShare.