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Concept mobile phones unfold in Japan

Fancy a phone that projects its screen and keyboard on to a table, or folds up like an OS map? Concepts at the Fujitsu mobile phone design awards give a glimpse into an unlikely future

The winners of the Fujitsu mobile phone design awards are a motley crew of mutants that hope to show what cutting-edge phones will look like in 2011, reports Design Boom.

We're not sure how a concept design for a chameleon phone that mimics the colour and texture of any surface can make it into shops in two years, but that is about ten years in mobile phone time.

Our favourite is the Fold-a-phone, by Hanna Sahlen -- a compact mobile for popping in a pocket, which unfolds into a giant smart phone when you want the screen acreage. It uses miura-ori origami folding, apparently, which means you can unfold it just by tugging on the corners.

But anyone can draw a cool phone on a piece of foldy paper -- it's another thing to build a working phone. So it's no wonder Fujitsu is still trotting out its concept phone from last year. Its screen and keyboard pull apart to be used separately, and can be stuck together in different configurations using magnets.

The F-circle, with its round screen and keyboard, is way too similar to the gorgeous, but useless, Motorola Aura for our taste -- although we do have a soft spot for the original circular dialler, the Nokia 3650.

Photo credit: Design Boom