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Concept dishwasher is full of hot air

Electrolux's concept wind washer uses UV light and high pressure air to clean dishes.

If there's one thing I dislike more than folding laundry, it's doing the dishes. But they've got to get done somehow, because I hate having a dirty kitchen more than either of those things.


Electrolux is always coming up with creative ways to keep your kitchen clean. Here at Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets, it's best-known for its sponsorship of the Electrolux Design Lab, which gives industrial design students an opportunity to strut their stuff each year in designing innovative home appliances. In keeping with its reputation, the company has come up with a unique concept for a dishwasher, using a combination of UV light and air pressure instead of gallons of hot water.

The washing cycle begins with a blast of high-pressure air that removes leftover food and debris from the dishes, followed by hot steam that degreases them. The final step includes a set of UV beams that sterilize the dishes and prep them for use.

The downside is the size, which appears to be large enough to accommodate only enough dishes for one person. It also seems like cleaning cups would be difficult, since the air pressure stage of the washing cycle seems to rely heavily on clear access to all parts of the dish. That being said, it's just a concept, so let's cross our fingers that later editions are big enough to fit a family's worth of dishes.

(Via Ubergizmo)