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Concept combines Pebble and Fitbit into an iWatch fantasy

A designer imagines a possible Apple smartwatch that takes a page from slim fitness trackers like the Nike FuelBand.

Is the future an iWatch Air? Todd Hamilton

The world is going wild for wearables (at least that's what we were told ad nauseam at CES this year). But as companies like Google, Samsung, Nike, and Pebble hone their pitches for ways we can strap their latest offerings to ourselves, Apple has remained deafeningly silent on the question of an iWatch or some other iWearable.

Such a vacuum is likely to get filled, not only with constant speculation, leaks, and rumors, but with the occasional concept rendering from a design pro like OpenKit's Todd Hamilton.

Hamilton came up with a possible user interface for a future Apple smartwatch after being inspired by an earlier concept that imagined an iWatch with a form factor more similar to that of a Nike FuelBand than Samsung's existing Galaxy Gear smartwatch or a Pebble.

The slim wristband concept features a curved screen, a home button on the left edge, and volume up and down buttons on the right. Hamilton imagined a lock screen that provides easy access to Siri and home screens with enough room for four vertically stacked app icons.

Hamilton gave us permission to create a slideshow of his images for a better idea of how the concept could work. Click through the gallery below to see how this dream iBand might handle calls or fill in for a fitness tracker.