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Concept camera aims to shoot emotions

German designer envisions shutters controlled by mood.


It's kind of scary how some cameras today can determine when to fire off the shutter based on external factors like a smile or a blink of the eye. More and more, control is being left to the device, and now German designer Akbiyik Volkan has conceptualized a shooter that seems to be able to function on its own and takes pictures depending on your mood and emotion.

From the pictures, the Camoria concept looks like it's meant to worn over the ear like a hearing aid, as seen on Dvice. A tiny lens facing the direction you're looking at snaps the shot. While Volkan did not mention how he intended to make the gadget recognize emotions, we think the small bumps inside the gizmo will detect heat and maybe heart rate: Seeing your crush may make you blush; getting angry makes your heart palpitate faster.

This means the snapper will capture the moment everytime you feel an emotion. If the Camoria doesn't have a memory expansion slot, Volkan should look to implement one for those with mood swings.

(Source: Crave Asia)