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Conan upgrades to iOS 7; disaster strikes

You'd think it would be simply to just upgrade your iPhone to Apple's new software. But, while it's downloading, macabre things happen to Conan O'Brien.

Dark forces at work during iOS 7 download. Conan Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I tried to download iOS 7 on Wednesday, but kept getting the busy signal.

Conan O'Brien was sure he'd have fewer problems. He was convinced that upgrading, like everything Apple, was blindingly simple.

His sidekick, Andy Richter, warned him that this might be a buggy experience. But Conan was confident that no creatures of any kind would affect the outcome.

How wrong he would turn out to be.

For a sudden darkness fell.

That wasn't all that descended from the sky.

Some of what fell wasn't for the squeamish, the soft or sensitive members of PETA.

Moreover, there were strange noises, peculiar voices and an appearance from a topless man, as well as another man from an outer world.

I can only hope that your downloading didn't prove as scary as this and you are now enjoying the fact that the dreadful skeuomorphs of the bookcase and the games center have been consigned to a fate they always deserved.