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See Conan O'Brien act clueless about yet another video game

Watch Dogs is set to hit consoles on May 27, and self-proclaimed "Clueless Gamer" Conan O'Brien has your worldwide exclusive first-look at the game. Catch it here.

Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Ubisoft's open-world adventure title Watch Dogs, which launches worldwide on May 27, promises to be one of the most prominent games of 2014. To celebrate the launch, Conan O'Brian, the self-proclaimed Clueless Gamer, treated the world to his exclusive review of Watch Dogs.

In the clip, Conan shows just how bad he is at video games, firing his weapon randomly at trees and civilians in the streets and a woman in a housecoat on a boat.

Conan also hilariously points out the absurdity of the plotline, where the entire fictitious city of Chicago runs on a single operating system, ripe for hacking from our protagonist and other would-be hackers up to no good.

I think it's safe to say Conan enjoyed Watch Dogs, and you probably will too. Especially if you're "a hacker who likes to stay in basements and play around with people's adjustable rate mortgages."