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Conan launches $5 Kindle Fire

On last night's show, Conan introduced a variant of Amazon's new tablet that few may have known about.

Cheap at twice the price. TeamCoco Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Many are riveted with glee over the new selection of Kindle Fires.

The glow extended to Jeff Bezos' cheeks as he presented the new devices.

However, some may not know that there is an even cheaper Kindle variant, one which Bezos decided not to mention in his 17-hour presentation.

Fortunately, the kind techies who slave in Conan O'Brien's panic room, saw fit last night to help those for whom even $69 is too much cash.

For they reminded everyone about the Amazon Wendell.

What's lovely about the Amazon Wendell is that it has a revolutionary design, when compares to the other Kindles.

It is hairy in all the right places. It speaks to you in dulcet harmonies. It comes to your house and eats your biscuits, too.

It will read to you, so that you eyes don't have to face the strain. "He blows very gently on one nipple, as his hand moved to my other nipple" was the Wendell's offering in this ad.

It was said with a feeling that will move many to an unfamiliar wateriness. This was 50 frissons of excitement.

The Wendell is also unusually interactive when you play Angry Birds.

And if you could just find a few more worn greenbacks in your pocket, there is a bonus with the Wendell.

"For 10 bucks, I'll get freaky," is the hard sell.

We are, indeed, in tech's freaky season. I am sure that the Wendell will help those who want to get their freak on, but don't want to pay through the nose for it.