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Conan besieged by YouTube commenters in audience

The late-night talk show host praises Google's decision to disallow anonymous YouTube comments, but he's interrupted by "audience members" who feel the urge to "LOL" and battle it out in ALL CAPS.

Conan/YouTube/screenshot by CNET

Imagine if people spoke in real life the way they would in a YouTube comment. A comedy bit from Conan O'Brien does just that.

On his late-night talk show on Wednesday, Conan was talking about Google's decision to ban anonymous YouTube comments, forcing people to use their real screen names. Many YouTube users have given the overall comment cleanup a thumb's down. But Conan voiced his support for requiring real names, complaining that the anonymous comments are "usually awful things that no one would have the guts to say in person."

After revealing that his YouTube name is Conebone 69, one of Conan's comedy players acting as a member of the audience began speaking in YouTube comment language: "LOL, LOL, LOL." He followed that up with: "This show rocks with 12 Xs. ROTFLMAO. Smiley face and then another smiley face with sunglasses."

Another purported audience member then criticized the first person's comment, triggering an angry all caps response. The next commenter chimed in to complain about Obamacare and the liberal media, leading to another all caps response from the first commenter. A fourth person then jumped in to say that his "sister earns thousands of dollars working from home, and you can too."

Eventually, the mayhem came to an end. But the sketch should definitely be required viewing for all those people who do leave nasty and inane YouTube comments.