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Conan: Apple is drunk with power

In yet another dig at the iPad Mini, comedian Conan O'Brien says he has unearthed an ad showing that iPads of every size will soon be released. They include, for example, the iPad Mini Mega Micro.

Admit it, you crave it. Conan Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Have you had enough of giving the iPad Mini a hard time?

Conan O'Brien hasn't.

In yet another saber slash at Apple's new wunderkind, Conan declares he has discovered yet another new ad for the iPad Mini -- this time launching a whole new range of iPads to satisfy every possible size requirement.

Yes, like the iPad Mini Mega Micro.

Conan has already amused himself by offering that the iPad Mini is just a mega ripoff.

However, he and his writers were surely stimulated by the words of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who recently insisted that there was a large world of difference between a 7-inch Kindle and a 7.9-inch iPad Mini.

Perhaps that's why they were moved to conclude this little ad with the idea that Apple is "drunk with power."

The struggle for supremacy always involves a nasty, bloody fight or two. Sometimes, even internally. I fear, though, that as Apple continues to balance on the tiny pinhead that comprises style and world domination, the mocking of comedians will increase.

They have to get people to watch their shows somehow.