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Compuware completes Gomez buyout

Application and testing firm finalizes $295 million purchase of Web optimization firm. Compuware brings aboard all of Gomez's 272 employees.

Compuware announced Monday that it has completed the buyout of Web optimization company Gomez, bringing aboard the acquired firm's 272 employees into a new Web Performance division.

As an application and testing firm, Compuware provides enterprise customers with tools to optimize the performance of their server-based applications. Gomez helps its customers monitor and manage the performance of their Web sites and Web-based applications.

Compuware believes that the addition of Gomez, first announced in October, will allow it to provide a wider range of services to help customers test and optimize both in-house and Internet-based applications.

The deal has also garnered praise from some industry analysts. A recent IDC report "Compuware Expands SaaS Portfolio With Gomez Acquisition" sees the Gomez/Compuware marriage as a good match with plenty of upside.

"We're thrilled to welcome the Gomez team to Compuware," said Compuware President and Chief Operating Officer Bob Paul in a statement. "Together, Compuware and Gomez will--through a solution that features rapid time-to-value, ease of use and real-time answers--give IT and business executives the optimal application performance they need to drive brand image, customer loyalty and revenue."

Compuware said it will keep the Gomez brand, technology, and business model but look to integrate its new purchase in such areas as sales and marketing. Gomez CEO Jaime Ellertson will remain and serve as president of Gomez, the Web Performance division of Compuware.

Compuware expects the acquisition to add to operations this year.