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Computer newbs kick QWERTY to the curb

The Fast Finger Keyboard has keys that are in the order of the ABC's, and is convenient for beginner typists.

Finally, a keyboard that makes sense. Fast Finger Keyboard

Say goodbye to QWERTY because a new revolution of keyboards has begun. Call her crazy, but Faith Quintavell, the creator of the Fast Finger Keyboard, has released a keyboard whose keys are in the order of the ABC's.

After she noticed a store clerk use what she calls the 'hunt and peck" method of typing, she was inspired and created this intuitive keyboard. The Fast Finger Keyboard is especially helpful for beginner typists, as they can simply plug in the keyboard, and begin typing (assuming they know their ABC's) Like the Keyboard for Blondes, this keyboard has the quick IM keys with phrases like "LOL", "CYA", and "BTW". Additionally, if not everyone in the household wants to give up QWERTY, the keyboard can be switched by pressing a special button.

Perhaps with this keyboard, gramps can answer your emails a little quicker, and your kid sister can get on MySpace a little sooner. For $27.95, the keyboard can be purchased on her website, and will soon be available on