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Tech Industry

CompUSA sales rise

First-quarter sales rise for CompUSA based on strong sales of Windows 95.

CompUSA (CPU) said today that first-quarter sales were rising based on strong sales of Windows 95.

Sales at stores opened at least a year rose 7.2 percent. These same-store sales serve as a benchmark on the financial health of a retail chain. Sales overall, meanwhile, jumped 26.7 percent to $991 million, compared with a year ago.

"These strong sales results for our first quarter reflect the continued contributions of our seven related businesses and our success in cycling last year's launch of Windows 95," said James Halpin, chief executive and president.

First-quarter earnings will be released October 30. But in the fourth quarter, the company had posted overall sales of $999 million--a 38 percent increase from the same time a year ago. And net income had soared to $11.8 million for the quarter, up from $4.7 million a year earlier.