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Complete your table with an (easy) ice sculpture

Kids and adults alike will enjoy these easy-to-make ice figures

Hot or not? Solutions

Admit it. Go on, admit it. You always wanted an ice sculpture centerpiece. I know I have. I'm not ashamed to admit it. An ice sculpture may be cheesy or fancy depending on your perspective (not to mention the sculpture), but there is no denying there is something just kind of neat about watching an ice sculpture slowly melt before your eyes. With little or no work, you can now have your very own ice sculpture (over and over again).

These Ice Sculpture Molds, available in Penguin or Angelfish, may not be the high art ice sculpture you would use for a very special event, but as a chilled centerpiece for a simple get-together, they are pretty cool. Besides, they're useful. The angelfish could be used to cool down a punch bowl, while the penguin makes for a nice accompaniment for foods that require chilling.

These molds require nothing more than a faucet and some empty room in the freezer. Simply fill with water and freeze. When ready, the flexible plastic easily separates from the finished figure. Measuring from 5 to 7 inches, the molds are small enough to be given alternate uses. For example, filled with gelatin the set figures could be an unexpected fun treat for the kids. The ease of use and fun animal shapes make these ice molds attractive for any age group--whether you admit it or not.