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"Complete my Album" bugs (#2): iTunes recommending already purchased albums

"Complete my Album" bugs (#2): iTunes recommending already purchased albums

We continue to report on an issue where the iTunes Store mistakenly recommends the "Complete my Album" service to users who already have complete albums. Unfortunately, this error is causing some users to mistakenly repurchase albums.

"Complete My Album," is an iTunes service that allows customers to turn their individual tracks into a complete album at a reduced price by giving them a full 99 cent credit for every track they have previously purchased from that album. The albums must be purchased within 180 days of the initial track(s) purchase

MacFixIt reader Glyn writes:

"I received the message 'You purchased xxxx and therefore you may be interested in the following' which then leads you to a new track and others on an album. Because I didn't check beforehand, I managed to download not only the genuine new track but also three I already owned! Not big money of course [...] I am annoyed, not just with Apple but of course myself for not having checked my library."

MacFixIt reader Benjamin Stark adds:

"I pre-ordered an album from iTunes and downloaded the entire thing when it came out. Now under the 'Complete My Album' section, I have the option of downloading the album again for $7. The thing is, I've already got the album yet iTunes offers the same album to complete 3 different times, all the exact same, just showing a different song already purchased."

If you have mistakenly purchased an album twice through the "Complete my Album" mechanism, you can report the issue through iTunes and request a refund via the following steps:

  1. From the Store menu in iTunes, select View my account (account name)
  2. Enter your account password if necessary.
  3. Once the Account Information window appears, click on the Purchase History button
  4. Click the Report a Problem button in the lower right hand corner. The text "Report a Problem" will appear next to recently purchased tracks -- click on the text.
  5. Choose "I already own this item" from the Problem: drop-down menu
  6. Enter a note explaining the problem in the Comments: field


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