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Comparing Apple to Microsoft in PR

Apple gets a free pass on just about everything. It shouldn't be this way.

Dan Lyons utters an uncomfortable truth today: We'd never let Microsoft get away with the PR smoke and mirrors that Apple regularly offers. I'm a near-religious Apple fan, but it's absolutely true that we give Apple a free pass on just about everything.

He's referring, of course, to the way Steve Jobs treated a New York Times reporter (called him, insulted him, and then said he'd give him information but only off the record). If Ballmer did that same thing, and if Microsoft sheltered Ballmer the way Apple shelters Jobs, the media would freak, as would the rank-and-file like you and me.

We'd have him drawn-and-quartered.

Apple fan though I am, I'm getting uncomfortable with the double standard by which I and others judge Apple.