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Tech Industry

Compaq's $9.6 billion blockbuster

Compaq seeks to become the No. 1 computer company in the world by acquiring Digital Equipment.

Special coverage: Compaq's quest

In its drive to become the world's No. 1 computer manufacturer, Compaq has purchased Digital Equipment for a record $9.6 billion. NEWS.COM looks at the deal, its strategy, and the industry impact.

Dell may end up the loser
today's lead story The merger creates a "big three" in computing that may leave Dell out in the cold.

Fallout on Wall Street

The $9.6 billion deal

IBM, HP challenged
news analysis

Alpha: What now?
news analysis

Wintel wins, again
news analysis

How deal was made
reporter's notebook

Photograph of Eckhard Pfeiffer and Robert Palmer

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  Everybody laughed when Compaq said it wanted to be No. 1 in the consumer area.


Dataquest's Scott Miller


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