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Tech Industry

Compaq slashes business PC prices

Compaq announces price reductions on selected Deskpro EN Series models.

Compaq has cut prices up to 9 percent on its Deskpro line of business PCs.

Compaq today announced price reductions on selected Deskpro EN Series models. All configurations, which are detailed on its Web site, include Windows 95 and 15-inch monitors, Compaq said.

The Deskpro EN with a Pentium II 400 MHz and 32 MB of memory got the biggest cut and is now selling for $1,495 with monitor, the company said.

PC makers will aggressively cut prices over the next few months as they make room for models with the Pentium III chip. The Pentium III chip is similar to a Pentium II but adds new instructions for handling multimedia, such as data streaming over the Internet. It will also run at faster speeds, initially up to 550 MHz.

Compaq Deskpros come with Celeron, Pentium II, and Pentium III chips. Most models come with 64 MB of memory, 6.4 GB hard drives, and network cards.