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Compaq introduces 64MB iPaq handheld

The company unveils two new iPaq handhelds, including one equipped with 64MB of memory, as well as a dual PC Card expansion pack.

Compaq Computer on Friday unveiled two new iPaq handhelds, including one equipped with 64MB of memory.

The company also announced the release of a dual PC Card expansion pack for iPaq handhelds. The expansion pack allows people to use two PC Cards simultaneously and will be available in mid-April for roughly $199.

As previously reported, Compaq's new H3670 model will come equipped with 64MB of memory and contribute to the company's strategy of more aggressively reaching out to corporate markets. Most handhelds come with, at most, 32MB of memory.

The H3670, which looks like the other models in the H3600 series, will be available in early April for $649. Its predecessor with 32MB of memory, the H3650, sells for $499.

"The 64MB one is really targeted at an enterprise audience because they are going to need that (much) more memory," Compaq spokeswoman Nora Hahn said.

The other new model, the H3635, is identical to the H3630, except for a few features. The new handheld includes a Compaq Flash expansion pack, which lets customers increase their file storage or gain access to their company's network for e-mail and Web browsing using a modem.

Compaq's iPaq H3670 handheld It also includes an expandable carrying case, a golf game and Peacemaker software, which lets people transfer data from other handheld computers, such as Palm OS-based handhelds. The H3635 is priced at a $599, compared with the earlier model at $499.

"This...just gives customers more stuff," Hahn said.

The iPaq runs on Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system. Microsoft touts devices that use its OS as better suited for large businesses, while Palm has been working aggressively to boost its ability to serve corporate customers

Both Palm and Handspring are expected to unveil new handheld devices later this month. However, none is expected to have 64MB of memory.