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Compaq desktops near $1,000 mark

Compaq began shipping a new line of desktops with prices as low as $1,100.

Compaq Computer today began shipping a new line of desktop PCs with prices as low as $1,100.

The new line includes the Deskpro 2000, 4000, and 6000 models, ranging in price from $1,100 to $4,800. Major components of each machine, including the hard drive cage and the expansion board, were designed to be removed and replaced within five minutes.

The Deskpro 2000 line is available with Pentium 100-MHz to 200-MHz processors or 180-MHz to 200-MHz Pentium Pros and starts at $1,100. The Deskpro 2000 does not come with a CD-ROM drive.

Models of the Deskpro 4000 line are available with 120-MHz Pentiums and 200-MHz Pentium Pros and includes an upgradable Ethernet controller, as well as a 120MB floppy drive with some models. Estimated selling prices for the Deskpro 4000 begin at $2,799.

The high-end Deskpro 6000 comes with a 166-MHz Pentium or 200-MHz Pentium Pro and features Ultra SCSI hard drives, Matrox MGA Millennium Graphics, standard 8X CD-ROM or PD-CD drives, and Enhanced BusinessPro Audio on select models. Prices for the 6000 line start at $2,799.

The Deskpro 2000 and 4000 Pentium models come with both Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. All Pentium Pro models, including the Deskpro 6000 line come standard with Windows NT.