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Company that kills germs with ozone gets $7 million

blog Company that uses ozone to purify water and keep food fresh gets more funding.

Clean-tech investors are looking at more things than energy. Water purification and agriculture are also drawing funds.

Novazone, based in Livermore, Calif., concentrates on the water and agriculture part of the equation. The company has figured out a way to purify water and keep food fresh with ozone, a molecule made up of three oxygen molecules. Ozone has great properties, and Novazone has essentially figured out ways to harness them. The company, for instance, sells products that can kill microorganisms on harvested fruit that are also safer than traditional chemicals.

In a sense, the company compliments the work of companies like Agraquest that have developed environmentally friendly organic pesticides.

This week, the company announced it has raised $7 million in a B round of funding. Chrysalix Energy Management led the round with participation from existing investors.