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Compact Volvo C30 woos younger drivers with "world-class" audio setup

Compact Volvo C30 woos younger drivers with "world-class" audio setup

Volvo's big news at the 2006 Paris Auto Show today was the launch of its subcompact C30 hatchback. Better known for its family-friendly sedans and station wagons than for compact coupes, the Swedish automaker designed the C30 to "give younger customers a Volvo of their own." And while that tagline might not sound particularly good, the car itself will--at least to those who opt for the top-of-the-line stereo option. Apparently aware of the importance of in-car sound to its targeted younger customers, Volvo has equipped the C30 with an impressive audio setup: a D amplifier with Alpine's ICE Power technology and Pro Logic II surround sound, giving an output of 5 x 130W through 10 Danish Dynaudio speakers. The premium stereo is able to play back regular CDs, as well as MP3 and WMA discs, and comes with an auxilliary input jack, and the option (likely to be dealer installed) of an adapter for connecting an iPod or a USB flash drive to the head unit.

Volvo says that it all adds up to a world-class sound system--an indication that it understands that the way to younger drivers' hearts is through their ears.