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Monosyllabic Yo app gets more talkative for the holidays

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Yo users will hear a festive ho ho ho when receiving a message from their Yo contacts.

The Yo messaging app is getting festive for the holidays. Anthony Domanico/CNET

The social-messaging app Yo is getting a festive update for the holidays that lets users send friends a ho ho ho for the ho ho holidays.

Instead of hearing the traditional "yo" sound, Yo users who receive Yos from their Yo friends on December 24 and 25 will hear a high-pitched " ho ho ho." Sure, it doesn't really add any features to Yo, but it's a fun update from a company trying to do messaging differently.

Now that Yo has opened the doors to holiday-themed Yos, we can only imagine what Yo might have up its sleeve next. Maybe "auld lang syne" for New Year's Eve; "Boo" for Halloween; R2-D2 beeping for Star Wars Day; or my personal favorite, "Yo ho ho" for Talk Like a Pirate Day (hat tip to CNET's Jeff Sparkman on that last one).