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Commodore lends geek cred to MP3 players

Computer manufacturer Commodore developing a line of portable music and video players.

Photo ofCommodore Gravel MP3 player.
The Commodore Gravel MP3 player. Broken Flicker

Could Commodore's rise out of vintage computer obscurity also mean that we should expect a line of portable media players? I certainly hope so. Apparently Commodore is developing a Wi-Fi equipped PVP called the Gravel In Pocket and a more basic MP3 player called the Gravel C200. The photosare a bit blurry, however, and the Web site doesn't create much trust--but the concept alone holds enough retro '80s gadget magic that I wouldn't be surprised if Steve Guttenberg and Johnny 5 walked up behind me and plopped one on my desk. Let's hope there's native support for C64 chiptunes!

(via Broken Flickr)