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Commodore brand sold to music distributor

Dutch company has agreed to sell the Commodore name to six month-old digital music software maker.

Tulip Computers, based in the Netherlands, has agreed to sell its Commodore International subsidiary to Yeahronimo Media Ventures in a deal worth just over $32.7 million. Yeahronimo said on Wednesday that Tulip Computers will remain active in the production of Commodore products. But just what the companies will do with the brand is unclear.

Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Yeahronimo produces software that allows for the legal downloading of multimedia content from copyright holders. No stranger to the digital music business, Tulip this year announced several products under the Commodore name, including portable USB storage devices, low-end digital music players as well as a 20GB digital music player. According to the release, the sale will give Yeahronimo the ability to continue the sale of these products as well as to "develop a worldwide entertainment concept."