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Commissioner against FTC-Intel settlement

The agreement resolving the Federal Trade Commission's antitrust case against Intel will be opposed by a member who voted against the case in the first place, but the deal should still go through.





Key issues

  FTC vs. Intel
The FTC had been focusing on Intel's relationship with computer makers Intergraph, Digital Equipment, and Compaq, alleging that Intel threatened to withhold crucial technical information from the companies unless they licensed their intellectual property in ways that benefited Intel.

Intel doesn't deny taking action against the three companies but says it violated no laws.

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Even with the agreement, the Federal Trade Commission's antitrust action may have already changed the computing industry for years to come.

FTC member knocks Intel settlement
One of the four commisioners who must approve the agency's proposed settlement spoke out against the deal, saying it will be hard to enforce.

Intergraph, Compaq won't fight FTC ruling
The companies say they won't file objections to the settlement in the Federal Trade Commission's antitrust case against Intel.

Effect is largely psychological
news analysis The settlement's approval will make large companies think twice about retaliating against a smaller firm.

Ball gets rolling on a tennis court
For Intel, the first hint it might be able to negotiate its way out of a legal fight with antitrust enforcers came on the tennis court.

FTC approves Intel settlement
The Federal Trade Commission announces it has approved the surprise settlement struck last week with Intel.

Companies could protest settlement
previous coverage Despite the FTC-Intel settlement, the ruling could still face opposition from Intel competitors.

FTC reportedly pushes on
previous coverage The broader Federal Trade Commission investigation of Intel is reportedly alive and active despite the settlement.

Details of settlement talks emerging
previous coverage One source familiar with the talks says that Intel will agree not to use access to its chips or product information as leverage to settle intellectual property claims.

FTC, Intel reach tentative agreement
previous coverage The Federal Trade Commission staff reaches a surprise preliminary settlement with the chipmaker just one day before its antitrust trial was to begin.

Trial was risky for both sides
news analysis Although the FTC and Intel are calling it a "win-win" for both parties, observers say the situation was more of a "can't win" where the risks were huge.

Microsoft, DOJ talks reported
previous coverage The software giant and the Justice Department are exploring possible avenues that could lead to a settlement in their own antitrust case, according to a published report.

Intel disputed allegations in brief
previous coverage Even the FTC's top economist couldn't find that Intel harmed competition in the microprocessor industry, the chip giant said in a pretrial brief. March 1, 1999

Government faced tough trial
previous coverage The feds claim the chip giant bullied companies, but market dynamics have changed profoundly since the charges were filed. January 29, 1999