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Commerce secretary nominee Gregg withdraws; Thompson in?

Republican Senator Judd Gregg withdraws his name, raising questions whether Symantec CEO John Thompson will now get the nod.

With Republican Senator Judd Gregg withdrawing his name as the nominee for secretary of the Department of Commerce Thursday, all eyes may turn to Symantec CEO John Thompson as a potential replacement.


Prior to Gregg's appointment, Thompson's name was cited in various publications as a potential nominee, given his strong technology background and his role as CEO of the largest security software company that has a global presence.

The role of the commerce secretary touches on industry and security; technology; intellectual property with the Patent and Trademark Office; and international trade.

Thompson has also held several fundraisers in his Silicon Valley home for President Obama, when the former senator was campaigning throughout the country.

And after the election, Thompson announced in mid-November that he planned to retire in April as Symantec's CEO and that he would assume the role of the security company's non-executive chairman.