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CommBank lets you pay your bills just by taking an iPhone photo

All right electricity bill, get ready for your close-up...


CommBank's new "Photo-a-bill" feature uses your iPhone camera to capture bill details.


Ahh, the future. Where you can transfer thousands of dollars with a swipe of your finger, but all your bills still come in envelopes in the mail.

Now CommBank is trying to smooth the divide between digital banking and physical bills with a new feature that lets you pay bills by taking a photo with your iPhone.

The "Photo-a-bill" feature is designed to make things smoother when paying via BPAY. Just grab the bill, open the CommBank app and use your iPhone's camera to capture an image of the page with the BPAY payment details.

The app prepopulates the transfer fields in your app, using Optical Character Recognition technology, so you don't need to type in the amount or payee details.

It's part of a revamp of the way Commonwealth Bank looks after bills in netbanking. If you switch your bills to digital BPAY View, you'll be able to organise upcoming payments into a timeline (sorted by when the bills are due) and get notifications to your phone when a new bill arrives.

The Photo-a-bill feature is an Australian first according to CommBank, but it's currently only available for iOS and you'll need an iPhone 5 or above to use the image recognition feature.