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Coming up: Live Webcast coverage from the Democratic and Republican national conventions

With the Democratic and Republican conventions coming up in the next few weeks, we are planning extensive coverage across CNET and, including live Webcasts following the TV coverage.

With the Democratic and Republican national conventions coming up in Denver and St. Paul in the next few weeks, we are planning our coverage across CNET News and (Being part of CBS has some nice advantages.) CNET News reporters Declan McCullagh, Stephanie Condon, and Kara Tsuboi will be on the scene, covering the tech policies and positions of the presidential and vice presidential candidates. In addition, they will be roaming the convention floors, interviewing delegates, politicians, and pundits on tech-related issues such as Net neutrality, Internet taxation, and privacy.

CBS Evening News will have its usual wall-to-wall coverage of the conventions, anchored by Katie Couric and the CBS News political team, including CBS Senior Political Correspondent Jeff Greenfield and Face the Nation's Bob Schieffer. The DNC and RNC convention coverage will also be Webcast live on

In addition, following the television broadcast coverage, and CNET are partnering to produce live, Web-only shows at both conventions. From 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. EDT, Katie will host a live Webcast, analyzing the day's events along with the CBS political team and other special guests.

If you have a question about the candidates, campaigns, conventions or other topics that you think should be addressed by Katie and crew, you can submit them by going to the CBS News pages for the Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention. Stay tuned for more updates on our convention coverage.