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Coming to Fring for iPhone: Two-way video calls

We got a chance to preview two iPhone features in the works for VoIP calling and chatting app Fring.

LAS VEGAS--It wasn't too long ago that VoIP calling and chat app Fring became imbued with the ability to make video calls on iPhone over 3G and Wi-Fi. There was one major problem with that version (the current version, in fact) of Fring for iPhone--you could see your buddy, but your buddy couldn't see you.

At CTIA in Las Vegas, we sat down with Fring and got a sneak peek at two features that are in the works for the next version of Fring for iPhone--including a way to do two-way video. It's flawed at the moment, but we're holding our final evaluation for the real product, which could be some time away. Check out what's in store in our Fring for iPhone slideshow.