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Coming to America: Nokia 330 Auto Navigation

Nokia announces the U.S. availability of its Nokia 330 in-car GPS device at CTIA 2007.

Nokia 330
Nokia 330 Nokia

OK, you heard it here first: the Nokia 330 portable navigation system is headed for the United States. We got a little heads-up from Nokia tonight that it's going to announce the U.S. availability of the Nokia 330 Auto Navigation unit tomorrow with an expected ship date of April. It'll come preloaded with Navteq maps and features a 3.5-inch touch screen, turn-by-turn, voice-guided directions, and multimedia capabilities (music and video player and image viewer). You know, pretty much like every other portable in-car GPS device out there. Will it offer any compelling reasons to fork over $499 for the unit? We'll let you know when we take this baby for a test drive as soon as we get back to San Francisco. Nokia has promised us one of the first units, so we can't wait. Road trip anyone?