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Coming soon: Ultrasone Zino headphones

Ultrasone, the German headphone manufacturer, has a new set of lighter, more-portable, iPod-friendly Zino headphones hitting the market in June.

The Ultrasone Zino headphones will retail for $129.99.

We tend to really like Ultrasone headphones, but for a lot of folks, they're just a little too pricey. Well, the Germany-based Ultrasone has realized it needs a more-portable--and affordable--pair of headphones that will appeal to iPod owners on the go.

Enter Ultrasone Zino, which features an on-the-ear, fold-up design and some snazzy chrome trim. The headphones are due to hit Amazon next month and will retail for a somewhat reasonable $129.99.

Recently, we got an early listen to the Zinos and were impressed with what we heard in the limited time we spent with them. They delivered punchy bass and good detail, and they felt quite comfortable. We look forward to reviewing them for real in a few weeks.