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Coming soon to The Open Road: the "Open Source @" Series

Announcing an upcoming series on open source within large, traditional enterprise software companies.

The Open Source CEO series is still going strong, and will continue through next week. In fact, I expect to have some high-profile surprises to add to the roster next week....

However, I wanted to put readers on the alert that soon after I'll be kick-starting the "Open Source @" series. I'm fond of giving grief to traditional enterprise software companies for failing to "get" open source. Well, starting next week I'll be giving an open forum to some of the world's largest software companies to share their open source activities with the world.

Reading through the entries submitted so far, I think it's safe to say that many will be surprised by just how pervasive open source has become, even within companies that don't style themselves as "open source companies." I may have to eat some crow.

I'm looking forward to hearing from Oracle, BMC, Novell, and others. Stay tuned.