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Coming soon: The 2008 Webware 100

Nominations open in January!

I've been getting a lot of e-mail queries about the next Webware 100 awards program. Just so you all know, it's coming in January. We'll open up our nomination program then, and provide the full calendar, rules, and other information.

A quick preview: The awards program is designed to point you to the best online apps out of the thousands of existing products, based on a popular vote of Web users. As in the 2007 Webware 100 Awards, in the 2008 (or 2.0) edition of the Webware 100 users will vote for the top 100 Web sites and services in ten practical categories such as social networking, productivity, video, and so on.

Again, nominations will open up in January and we'll launch our new Webware 100 site then. Webware's editors will look over the nominations and select finalists, and then we'll move into the voting phase. And finally, we'll announce the winners in a suitably garish and congratulatory fashion. Stay tuned for more details.