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Coming soon: Sync Chrome extension settings

Enabling Chrome extension settings to march in lockstep should help different installations of the browser work similarly--handy for the Web-app world Google likes.

Google Chrome logo

Google doesn't like it when Chrome behaves differently for a person using multiple installations of the browser, so the company lets people synchronize a gradually broader collection of browser settings using its account settings stored on the Net.

Earlier examples of what can be synced include passwords, bookmarks, and the extensions that let the customer customize the browser. Now, with an update to the software that arrived last week in the source code for Chrome, extension settings will be able to stay in sync, too.

That means extension behavior will be able to stay in sync across browsers--for example, letting a person who adjusts how the Tweetdeck Chrome extension works on one computer see those changes automatically on another computer. The update will take some time to spread from the raw Chrome source code to the versions of the browser that people actually use, though, so don't expect it immediately.

It's a nice idea, especially as Google moves toward making Chrome not just a browser but the foundation of the Chrome OS operating system for running Web apps.

Here's one thing I'd like to see as a next step, though: the ability to sync open browser tabs. And even more important, I'd like to have a version of Chrome that runs on Android smartphones and tablets, complete with extensions.

Via Peter Beverloo