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Coming attraction: Palm Pre vs. iPhone 3G S prizefight

With the Palm Pre and iPhone 3G S coming out within days of each other, many wonder which smartphone is better? CNET plans to find out in an upcoming prizefight.

The Palm Pre next to the current iPhone 3G. Corinne Schulze/CNET

While many lined up this past weekend to buy the Palm Pre, some decided to wait on making a purchase to hear what would come out of the WWDC 2009 keynote, and as we all found out on the Monday, the answer was the iPhone 3G S.

Since then, the cell phone editors have received numerous reader e-mails wondering whether we'd be doing a prizefight between the two smartphones and we just wanted to let you know that the answer is most definitely yes. As soon as the iPhone 3G S is released on June 19 and we get a review unit, we'll pit the two devices against each other in various categories, so stay tuned!