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Comic pokes fun at Facebook's Timeline

An online comic has ridiculed Facebook's new Timeline feature, saying it'll help advertisers rather than users.

A milestone in social networking? An infringement of our privacy? Or just a better way to organise everything you share online? The jury's still out on Facebook's new Timeline feature, but the makers of an online comic strip have certainly made up their minds.

The latest edition of The Joy of Tech strip, created by Nitrozac and Snaggy and one of our faves, is called 'Zuckerberg's Law', and features the Facebook founder and CEO cackling manically as he describes the new feature that lets you share everything by year, going all the way back to your birth, if you like.

The first jibe comes by saying Zuckerberg's Law states that "every year Internet users share twice as much information as the year before". It then goes on to say Facebook will be adding bodily functions to the ticker. And it's all to help Zuckerberg's friends -- advertisers -- according to the strip.

Timeline certainly garnered a few headlines when it was announced on Thursday. Facebook users were typically up in arms -- they tend to get a little upset at every change, but as Stuart Dredge argues, they're the ones Facebook should be listening to. The BBC's technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones described Timeline as "creepy but cool".

"Do you really want to be reminded of how daft you looked at that fancy-dress party in 2008?" he wrote. "And now it will be that much easier for all of your friends to peruse those details of your life that you might hope they had forgotten."

Defenders of the feature point out it's not adding all that much new to Facebook, just making it more visual and easier to navigate.

Facebook also unveiled a host of media streaming options, including a deal with Spotify, making it possible to share what you're watching, listening to and reading with friends. Zuckerberg also announced last week the site had half a billion people visit in one day.

What do you think of Facebook's new features? Too much, or a step in the right direction? Let us know on our Facebook page. But please, spare us the bodily function updates.